Summer 2017

Joseph Ratzinger: In Honor of His 90th Birthday (photocopy)

A Happening That Really Took Place: Ratzinger on Reason, Revelation, and the “Adventure of Thinking”

James V. Schall

"The end or purpose of both reason and revelation is that we know the truth of things."

Ratzinger on the Timelessness of Truth

Tracey Rowland

“Without timeless, binding faith propositions, there is nothing to judge the elements within the spiritual atmosphere, nothing to distinguish the Christian-friendly elements from the Christian-toxic elements.”

The 2015 Marriage Referendum in Ireland: A Ratzingerian Analysis

James M. Carr

“Christianity guarantees politics and the state their proper autonomy while preventing their degeneration into monistic totalitarianism.”

Ratzinger on the Augustinian Understanding of Religious Freedom

Daniel E. Burns

“When religious freedom is taken to mean that no religious body possesses any politically relevant moral authority, then the Church is effectually subordinated to the state.”

The Ontological and Psychological Notion of “Person” in Trinitarian Theology and Christology

Roch Kereszty

“If God is only present in Jesus but is not this Jesus nor is Jesus God, then in Jesus, God has not entered into full communion with humankind.”

Sources Chrétiennes and the One Unique Source

Joseph Ratzinger

“[T]here is no boundary beyond which the authentic history of the faith ceases, after which we find nothing but straw.”

The New Evangelization

Joseph Ratzinger

“We cannot give life to others without giving up our own lives.”

In Memoriam: Kenneth L. Schmitz

David L. Schindler

Professor Kenneth Schmitz, a member of the original board of the American Communio, and its president for several years, passed away on August 25, 2017 at the age of 94.