Spring 2017

“Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread”

Effects of the Eucharistic Sacrifice: A Brief Commentary on Trent’s De Missae Sacrificio, Chapter 2

Bruce D. Marshall

“God is not bought off by the blood of Christ; he values beyond all creation the love with which it is shed.”

Panis Angelicus—Gift of Life: On the Poetic Theology of St. Thomas Aquinas’s Hymn “Sacris Solemniis

Jan-Heiner Tück

“It is precisely the materiality of things that stand over and against our consciousness—o res mirabilis—that makes us aware of the irreducible otherness of the Person of Christ.”

Asking God for What We Do: On an Aphorism of Ignatius of Loyola

Jacques Servais

“The primacy of the order of grace, of God’s own free initiative, far from evacuating human freedom, in fact demands it to the highest degree.”

Between a Criticism of Evolution and Atheism: A View on the Philosophy of Thomas Nagel

Engelbert Recktenwald

“The intelligibility of interpersonal relations is determined by the freedom of the person to reveal herself and thus, to allow intimacy.”

Why We Need Erich Przywara

Philip Gonzales

“Life, for Przywara, becomes a doxological act of service where God’s unsurpassable glory is sought and served in all things.”

Eucharist and Labor

Erich Przywara

“Above the magnificent peaks of their universal labor arises another peak, that of the cross of Golgotha.”

Our Father

Alexander Schmemann

“In receiving food from God as the gift of God, man is filled with the divine life itself.”

Hans Urs von Balthasar’s The Grain of Wheat: Reflections on Spirit and Truth

Edwin Block