All submissions are initially reviewed by the editors. Upon deeming a submission worthy of peer review, the manuscript will be sent to a qualified reader. A decision is sent to the author within about three months.

To receive a double blind review, authors should only include their name on a title page, which can be removed when the manuscript is sent to reviewers; please do not include your name on pages containing the actual text of the manuscript.

To submit your manuscript, please use this Google form. You will be asked to upload your manuscript, as well as an abstract, at the end of the form. Your abstract should be no longer than 100 words. We ask that authors follow the Chicago Manual of Style and our general guidelines, listed below.

Downloadable copies of the guidelines and Manuscript Submission Form are available in the Downloads sidebar.

  1. Please save your manuscript as "LastName_TitleOfPaper" (for ex.: "Smith_ReflectionOnPeguy.docx").
  2. Please include an abstract of no more than 100 words with your manuscript.
  3. Submit your manuscript in MS Word.
  4. Double-space all text except block quotations and footnotes.
  5. Block quotations should be indented one-half inch from both left and right margins. Quotations set apart in this way should be at least four full lines on the printed page. Omit quotation marks at the beginning and end of block quotations.
  6. Use footnotes, not endnotes.
  7. All bibliographic information should be included in footnotes.
  8. Use one-inch margins all around.
  9. Use Times New Roman 12-point type for all text, excluding footnotes. Use 10-point type for footnotes.
  10. Use proper italicization, bolding, and underscoring. Italicize titles of books and journals. Do not bold titles or headings. Use italics for foreign words, but do not italicize foreign expressions familiar in theological English (e.g, a priori, per se, qua).
  11. Do not use single quotes to emphasize a word. Single quotes should only be used for a quotation within a quotation.
  12. Use the Oxford comma for series and lists.
  13. A recent issue of Communio will provide an idea of how to format your bibliographic references.

For Manuscript Reviewers

Manuscript reviewers receive an electronic copy of guidelines along with the article they have agreed to review. A downloadable MS Word version of that guide is also in the Downloads sidebar.