Fall 2017


The Economy of a Small Farm

Patrick Fleming

“The need for making a conscious effort to build a contemplative life remains, in fact becomes stronger, as responsibility grows.”

Sacro Speco—St. Benedict’s Cave: The Roots of Monastic Cheesemaking

Sister Noëlla Marcellino

“Did the time of ripening close to the earth for St. Benedict, when he experienced hunger, physical deprivation, and temptations, give him the insight that the path to holiness begins with descent?”

Reason for Being: Festivity, Perfection, and the “Very Good”

Erik van Versendaal

“Joy is only perfect, and truly vivifying for others, when it rises into oblation.”

Ordering All Things Well: The Role of Eating in the Old Testament

Anthony Pagliarini

“[M]an extends God’s dominion in undertaking the whole of what culminates in the family meal.”

The Wine of the Wedding

Paolo Prosperi

“How could one joyfully drink the wine of this union, without at the same time being pierced by the painful memory of the wound from which it flows?”

Affirming Childhood: The Form of Familial Relations

Antonio López

“It is only in man’s being male and female that the personal is rooted in the natural and that the natural maintains a fruitful openness to the personal.”