Spring 2019

Being as an Image of Divine Love: A Symposium on Homo Abyssus

Receiving the Gift of Being: Ferdinand Ulrich and the Work of the John Paul II Institute

Antonio López

“[N]ot only the individual, but precisely the communion between human persons is that for the sake of which being is personally given by God.”

Freely to Give: Ferdinand Ulrich as Teacher and Spiritual Father

Stefan Oster

“As a dialogical being, man has always, from the beginning, arrived at himself from the other.”

Ferdinand Ulrich’s “Metaphysics as Reenactment”

Martin Bieler

“Only from the encounter with another human being can a human being return to himself and grasp himself as being a gift mediated through the ontological difference.”

Being as Image of Divine Love: Between Ferdinand Ulrich and G. W. F. Hegel

William Desmond

“The otherness of the finite as good is consolidated, affirmed in the primal ‘It is very good.’”

The Analogia Entis in Erich Pryzwara and Ferdinand Ulrich: Toward a More Catholic Metaphysics

John Betz

“Can one even understand Christianity before being awakened to the mystery of being, and to the question of one’s own existence?”

Plenitudo Fontalis: Love’s Groundless Yes and the Grateful Originality of Nature

Erik van Versendaal

“It is no embarrassment to respond.”

Thinking the “Nothing” of Being: Ferdinand Ulrich on Transnihilation

Rachel M. Coleman

“Being’s nonsubsistence . . . is precisely what allows it to transform distance into intimacy.”