Summer 2019

Mary, Motherhood, and the Church

“Fixed End of the Eternal Plan”: Rereading Cabasilas’s “Homily on the Annunciation”

Paolo Prosperi

“Since the Virgin’s divine motherhood is literally the most beautiful, that is, most fitting (‘rightest’) and most proportionate, means for God to manifest the glory of his generosity, then Mary’s divine motherhood cannot but be, in a sense, the very final cause of creation itself.”

The Exclusivity of Gender and the Gift of Motherhood

D. C. Schindler

“[T]he incommunicability of personhood, manifest in the exclusivity of gender, brings to light the fact that true unity is not homogeneity, monochromatic sameness, but—quite literally, if one plays with the etymology—heterogeneity; it is a unity in and through the different relations to generation or fruitfulness.”

“He Is the Head of the Body, the Church” (Col 1:18): Salvation as Incorporation into Christ

Robert P. Imbelli

“The mysteries of the Ascension and Transfiguration breach the ultimately dehumanizing boundaries of the immanent frame and the buffered self and inaugurate the new creation.”

When Peter and Paul Disagree: Living in Faithfulness and Charity Amid Public Controversy

Michael K. Magee

“The deposit of faith surpasses the capacity of any one human intellect and can only be proclaimed in its integrity by the united body of those whose divinely given mission is to transmit it.”

Homily on the Annunciation

Nicholas Cabasilas

“[T]he Word of the Father is formed by the word of a mother, and the Creator is created by the voice of a creature”