Why We Need

The editors of Communio are pleased to announce the inauguration of a new series entitled Why We Need . . .

Why We Need Paul Claudel

D. C. Schindler

“If the poet thus stands ‘before the Cross,’ as the title of one of his books has it, the mystery upon which he meditates is not just one possibility of many, but is in fact the sole mystery that allows him to celebrate the universe in its totality, which means the mystery that allows him truly to be a poet, as Claudel understands the vocation.”

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Why We Need Erich Przywara

Philip Gonzales

“Life, for Przywara, becomes a doxological act of service where God’s unsurpassable glory is sought and served in all things.”

Why We Need Julian of Norwich

Jeremiah Barker

“The act of yielding up his ‘Adamly’ soul is the human realization of the Son’s eternally eager readiness to do that which the Father wills.”