Winter 2022

The Unity and Mission of the Church: Communio at 50 Years

The Ever-Prior Act: Claudel and the Poetics of Communio

Jennifer Newsome Martin

“[E]fforts of dialogue toward communion should be performed . . . from a place of meekness rather than assertion, such that genuine understanding might take place.”

Poetic Communion: Literary Form and Divine Encounter

Dwight A. Lindley III

“The stillness at the heart of all poetry arises from the mysterious coinherence of all analogies.”

Covenantal Communion between God, Man, and Creation: Reflections on Joseph Ratzinger

Matthew Ramage

“Like grapes and olives, our lives are marked by the experience of being ‘ground’ and ‘crushed,’ which is the means by which God mysteriously transforms us into something altogether new and glorious.”

“Only If We Do Not Lose Creation”: Communio and the Battle for the Meaning of the World

Michael Dominic Taylor

“We must relearn to trust in the intelligibility of reality, and in our own reason as a natural manifestation of the richness of reality.”

“O Christ, Ever Greater”: De Lubac on Teilhard and the Cosmic Scope of Jesus Christ’s Humanity

Keith Lemna

“Christ is ever-greater not because his divinity is increased by his Incarnation, as some might be led to think, but because he is ‘the God to whose birth for us there is no end.’”

God’s Universal Salvific Will and the Mission of Communio

Rodney Howsare

“When God gives the gift of finite freedom, he really gives it, and therefore genuinely allows himself to be conditioned by it.”

Divine Exuberance: Erich Przywara on the Metaphysics of Catholicity

Travis Lacy

“[P]ursuing catholicity has the effect of a crucifixion, stretching Christ’s bride as it does into a painful christoformity.”

Prayer in the Work of the Exegete

Thomas Esposito

“The Word in itself is worthy of veneration, and time spent dwelling with the words of Scripture needs no further justification.”