Fall 2022

The Flesh

An Apologetics of the Flesh: The Body as the Path to God

José Granados

“If each sense is capax Dei (capable of God), the concrete acts we carry out in the flesh are weighty, and each one of our actions is full of our destiny.”

Matter as Revelation of God’s Love

Rachel M. Coleman

“[T]he giver allows himself to remain hidden, in and through matter, so that the receiver—the creature—in no way thinks of himself as a mere extension of the giver. Matter, then, is a sign of a giver so transcendent that he is able to surrender to what he gives.”

Philosophical Incarnation and Theological Incarnation: A History That Has Happened to the Flesh

Emmanuel Falque

“For Péguy, . . . it will be necessary to begin from below: from my time and my flesh, rather than from eternity and spirituality, the claimed experience of which cannot safeguard my humanity.”

If 2 + 2 = 5

Sigrid Undset

“The world is no more ready for God than we were for him. In many years or in a single last second, we must hand ourselves over to him.”

Sigrid Undset: Holiness and Culture

Erasmo Leiva-Merikakis Simeon Leiva-Merikakis

“Christianity’s cultural power flows, as from its cause, from the holiness whereby the Church and her individual members partake in the virtues of her Lord, and such holiness does not exist in the abstract or generically but is always incarnated in the persons we call the saints.”