Spring 2023

The Spirit of Unity

Reflections on the Holy Spirit’s Role in Christ’s Sacrifice

Antonio López

“[T]he Holy Spirit is both Christ’s forerunner and his paranymph, the one who brings the bride to the beloved spouse and allows her to give herself to him ‘who did not prefer anything to us.’”

The Holy Spirit and World Religions in Theology and in the Magisterium

Gavin D'Costa

“The pilgrim Church must move toward full universalism whereby all nations and cultures may adore and give glory to the triune God.”

The Sacramental Principle

Jonathan Martin Ciraulo

“[T]he sacramental principle is a vision of the ecstatic nature of finite reality, a belief that matter can be more than itself, that nature as a whole can function as a parable and instrument of the spiritual.”

Covenant Love: A Symbolic Reading of the Song of Songs

Nina Sophie Heereman

“[F]or the author(s) of the Song, the human reality of erotic love is itself intrinsically cosmological and theological in its very human reality.”

Current Trends in Religious Thought

Jean Daniélou

“It is the proper function of theology to move back and forth, like the angels on Jacob’s ladder, between eternity and time, and to weave ever-new bonds between them.”