Summer 2023


Three Rivers: Memory as Mediation and Mission in Purgatorio and Paradiso

Mary Taylor

“God is the ‘eternal fountain,’ and what he graciously imparts does not remain stagnant but is joyously communicated—mediated—to others, as communication becomes communion.”

Memores Domini: Living God’s Memory in a Post-Christian World

Antonio López

“For a human being, there is nothing as important to be truly himself as begging with all of himself for his own being.”

On Art in Our Churches

Martin Mosebach

“God himself had to produce the first depiction of his sojourn on earth.”

Creativity and Tradition: A Framework for Sacred Music

Mary Catherine Levri

“[T]he call and command of the Lord does not obliterate the unique nature of each person’s offering, but encourages each to give in his own particular way, according to his heart’s desire.”

On Reason and Hope: Plato, Pieper, and the Hopeful Structure of Reason

Ryan M. Brown

“[N]ot only is reason hopeful but it showcases fundamental hope, for it is convinced of the prospects of its fulfillment even when it does not (yet) see a way forward, even after being buffeted by setbacks and false trails.”