Summer 2022

Marriage and Family

The Natural Supernaturality of Marriage

D. C. Schindler

“The man and woman, paradoxically, each have to go beyond their nature, we might say, to accomplish a wholly natural end.”

Nexus indissolubilis: A Balthasarian-Augustinian Meditation on the Spousal Embrace

Adrian J. Walker

“Contraception is an anti-erotic betrayal of desire. It attacks that desire at its very root, which is the expansive, outward-looking generosity inscribed in sexual eros by the energy of self-communicating life.”

The Family as an Image of the Trinity in Aquinas

Michael Joseph Higgins

“The imago Trinitatis still resides exclusively in the mind, yet the mind, as it were, resides in the flesh.”

Carlo Caffarra: Teacher and Witness of Love’s Truth

Livio Melina

“Only the family, born from the marriage between a man and a woman, ensures that a person is ‘wanted for his own sake,’ as a person to be welcomed and not as a thing to be possessed. Only the family allows the person to be educated in the logic of gift.”

The Crisis of Ethics in the West

Carlo Caffarra

“The root of the social disintegration we are experiencing is a kind of censorship of anything that tries to keep the ‘sensitivity to truth’ alive.”

Othello: Iago’s Dark Powers and the Empiricist Mindset

Robert Alexander

“The connatural ties between all things by virtue of the love that created them no longer exist, and what stands in their place is a man-made, contractual world one step removed from nature—that is, a world in which people are encouraged to live in fictions they create for their benefit or convenience.”

Jerome and the Lord’s Prayer: Some Philological Observations

John M. Rist