Fall 2023

Commemorating Fides et ratio

The Sacramental Character of Truth

Rudy A. te Velde

“In the self-giving of truth, truth retains a transcendence in relation to reason, not because it remains irrational but because truth here has the character of personhood, that is, it presents itself in its own light and makes itself known in a personal relationship.”

With What Must We Begin?

Chad Engelland

“Denying nature denies the portals of one’s own flesh, leaving one’s understanding without a hold on reality; it severs the relation of things and affectivity, and thereby it severs the bond that invests our words with the weight of meaning.”

The Delivering Word: Dialogue as Coauthorship of Reality

Erik van Versendaal

“The embodied act of thinking together in the differentiated communion that is the dialogical exchange allows, then, for the complete exposition of what things are, and, in that sense, it is here that the truth belongs.”

On Psalm 45

Robert Spaemann

“God is no undifferentiated, self-satisfied unity, but rather an event, an eternal celebration of emergence from another and of loving unification of nonidenticals, a wedding.”

The Latent Resources in St. Augustine’s Thought

Maurice Blondel

“[T]rue doctrines are never embalmed, like mummies, in the past, and, wherever there is a plenitude of Christian spirit, oppositions are only so many stimulations to a more perfect knowledge of the one truth, ever ancient and ever new.”