Spring 2022

Christ the Redeemer

Christ, Redeemer of the Body and Redeemer of Love: The Proposal of Karol Wojtyła

José Granados

“Any redemption that is placed outside the mystery of man’s creation—as it is made known in the original experiences of the body—is not true redemption.”

Christ in Preaching and Sacrament: A Rapprochement of Catholic and Protestant Views

Gerhard Ludwig Müller

“Our thoughts, put into words, externalize our self-knowledge, our knowledge of the world, our communication with others, and, above all, our intimacy with God.”

Jesus, the Last Supper, and the Paschal Mystery: Rethinking the Date of the Last Supper in John

Brant Pitre

“[F]ar from celebrating a special farewell meal, Jesus saw himself as instituting a new memorial of a new Passover sacrifice, in which he would offer himself as the eschatological Passover lamb whose death would set in motion the long-awaited eschatological exodus.”

A Miracle of Grace: Hans Urs von Balthasar’s Vision of Priestly Spirituality

John Nepil

“It is the humble priest who, having ‘renounced [even] his self-understanding,’ is capable of communicating the Gospel with transparency that radiates the life-form of Christ himself.”

A Catholic Spirituality of Nonaction: Rereading Hans Urs Von Balthasar with the Daodejing

Joshua R. Brown

“[T]he Gospel calls us to the radicality of setting aside our plans and schemes, abandoning ourselves to the God of love, so that, by doing nothing, nothing may be left undone.”

Henri de Lubac and the Christian Mystery of Nature and Grace

Nicholas J. Healy Jr.

“To be created in the image of God with a desire to see God is to desire beatitude only in the context of a friendship that is gratuitous.”