Winter 2014

Ecclesiam Unam (photocopy)

Introduction: Ecclesiam Unam


The Winter, 2014 issue of Communio, on the theme of “Ecclesiam Unam,” is the fourth and last in our series devoted to a reflection on the mystery of the Church as one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.

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The Unity of the Church

Roch Kereszty

"As the uniting Spirit affirms the distinct Persons of both Father and Son in the immanent Trinity, so also in salvation history the Spirit joins the many members by perfecting their unique individuality in a transcendent unity."

Ecclesia de Trinitate

Ricardo Aldana

"[A] catholic love runs throughout history, backward and forward from the Cross."

Conscience, the Emperor, and the Pope: The Witness of St. Maximus the Confessor

Adrian J. Walker

"In becoming a canon of ecclesial confession, Maximus necessarily also becomes a canon of conscience as well, a living proof that freedom is truth and truth, freedom."

Fruitfulness and the Rediscovery of Finitude

Antonio López

"Same-sex 'marriage' therefore rests upon overturning the three different yet inseparable elements . . . : sexually differentiated spouses, unifying love in which the sexual difference is preserved, and fruitfulness."

“The Mystery of Mysteries”: On Péguy’s Vision of Hope

Paolo Prosperi

"The great gift that comes with hope . . . is the ability to accomplish deeds that reflect God's sovereign freedom, to mirror it with a fidelity otherwise unmatched in the finite realm."

Nature and Notes of the Church

Emile Mersch

"The unity of the Church is not a fitting together of parts, but a union of persons."