Fall 2014


Introduction: Health

The boundaries of every man’s health open up well past his individual body: the wholeness of creation and of fellow men are implicated in the health of each man, and vice versa. These insights give us many fruitful avenues on which to explore the dimensions of health, which the articles included herein pursue.

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From Nature to Glory: The Grace of Illness

Jean-Pierre Batut

"If it is united with Christ, the state of sickness becomes a sacramental grace of participating in his salvific weakness."

Health and Disease: Aspects of Wellbeing and Human Flourishing

Dirk Lanzerath

“Disease . . . makes it plain to a human being that he is simultaneously identical and not identical to his body.”

Reconceiving the Organism: Why American Catholic Bioethics Needs a Better Theory of Human Life

Michael Hanby

“Experiment is not simply knowledge for the sake of control . . . but knowledge in the form of and by means of control.”