Spring 2015

“Our Father, Who Art in Heaven”

“The Father Without the Son Would Not Be the Father”: The Concept of God at the Council of Nicaea

Jan-Heiner Tück

“The definition that the Father and Son are of the same nature bursts open the Greek concept of God using terms from Greek thought, and the abstract monotheism of the philosophical teaching about God is opened up to the biblical proposition ‘God is love.’”

God and the Cross: The Doctrine of God in the Work of Hans Urs von Balthasar

Martin Bieler

"For Balthasar, . . . the love of God is the decisive reality of salvation."

The Church as the Sacrament of Creation: A Reading of Origen's Commentary on the Song of Songs

John C. Cavadini

"The visible economy of the Church is the action of God, whose work causes us to grow in communion and hence in freedom."

The Christocentric Mystagogy of Joseph Ratzinger

Robert P. Imbelli

"Ratzinger's mystagogy seeks to foster . . . this conviction that the Christian's deepest identity and most authentic freedom is to be a living member of the body of Christ."

Hope and History

Josef Pieper

"In a word, the object of existential hope bursts the bounds of 'this' world."

The Music of Eternity

Élisabeth-Paule Labat

"Speech will . . . become music and melt into the symphony of universal praise like an immense and endless 'Alleluia' voicing all worship, all adoration."