Winter 2013

Ecclesiam Sanctam (photocopy)

Introduction: Ecclesiam Sanctam


The Winter, 2013 issue of Communio is dedicated to the theme of “Ecclesiam Sanctam.” It is the third in our series dedicated to a reflection on the mystery of the Church as one, holy, catholic and apostolic.

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The Communion of Saints and the Vocation to Holiness

Marianne Schlosser

“The pursuit of holiness is . . . not simply an individual concern, but . . . a commitment and responsibility for the community of the Church.”

Confirmation: A Sacrament of Christian Initiation

Marc Ouellet

“The Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is his Confirmation by the Holy Spirit.”

Political Ambition and the Christian Life

Thomas W. Smith

“[T]he point is not to ignore or simply frustrate political ambition. Rather, it [is] to tap into its deepest root in order to transform it so that it [can] become the basis for a shareable common good in flourishing communities.”

The Eclipse of the Good in the Modern Rights Tradition

Mark Shiffman

“My dignity as a free agent, acting in light of the first precept of natural law that good is to be done and pursued, lies precisely in subordination of my will to the Good.”

Content and Form: From Linguistics to Abstract Art

J. Jacob Tawney

“[T]he purpose of art is the purpose of language: to present reality in the splendor of truth.”