Fall 2016


The Consummation of the World as a Re-capitulation

Martin Bieler

“Time is the fundamental basis of all life, and the reception and formation of time is as vital for us as inhalation and exhalation.”

The Experience of the Unity of Time and Christian Faith in the Thought of Ferdinand Ulrich

Ricardo Aldana

“The structure of time evinces that being has been created with love.”

The Mystery of the Liturgical Year: The Easter Liturgy

Louis Bouyer

“Our created nature is so bound up with this created time in which all living beings live that our being cannot be taken up into the divine unless the time which is connatural to us is also in some way taken up.”

Pre-verberation of Eternity: Olivier Messiaen’s Quatuor pour la Fin du Temps

Dorothee Brunner