Summer 2016

Body and Gender

The Spirit of Christian Doctrine

Nicholas J. Healy Jr.

“The body is not merely inert, pre-moral ‘stuff’ awaiting the intervention of human freedom.”

Public Reason and the Anthropology of Orientation: How the Debate Over “Gay Marriage” Has Been Shape

David S. Crawford

“To already be something before an act of freedom suggests to the modern mind a loss of freedom rather than its ordination.”

Sexuality and the Forgetfulness of God: Unseasonal Thoughts about a Biblical Connection

Stefan Oster

“The primary thing in Christian proclamation [is] helping [people] to enter into the presence of a God who loves us and who for precisely that reason is not indifferent to the way we live, including as sexual beings.”

Forbidden Difference

Tony Anatrella

“If before it was thought necessary to deny the other in order to be oneself, now one must be like the other in order to be oneself.”