Spring 1983

Religious Education (photocopy)

Introduction: Religious Education

We are happy to present to you a whole issue devoted to religious education. Many of our European colleagues appear here—some for the first time. Permit me simply to highlight some of the ample fare that awaits our readers.

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The Catechism: A Means of Transmitting the Faith

Karl Lehmann

"The Christian faith must now reflect on its own 'content' and on those original forms that made possible the continuity of faith up to the present."

Should Faith or Theology be the Basis of Catechesis?

Hans Urs von Balthasar

"Only when Revelation and faith are totally integrated do they, in their unity, meet all human situations and generations."

Sources and Transmission of the Faith

Joseph Ratzinger Benedict XVI

"The crisis of catechesis and of the sources of our faith must be addressed if catechesis is to remain a vital function of the Church."

The Birth of the Catechism

Guy Bedouelle

"We must understand the genesis of the catechism to prepare for its 'rebirth' in our own day."

Christianity and Its Psychological Imitations

William K. Kilpatrick

"Traditional moral education, like life, gives us stories and models to live by."

The Bond of the Word

Marguerite Léna

"At the very heart of catechesis is the person of Jesus Christ who teaches us and is communicated."

Moral Education in the United States: An Overview

Kevin Ryan Frederick E. Ellrod

"Education in morality must aid students to develop Christian ethical standards and take responsibility for their own moral lives."

“Much Progress and Some Deteriorization” - An NCEA Study of REOI and REKAP

Val J. Peter