Winter 2012

Liturgy and Culture

Introduction: Liturgy and Culture

In his book The Spirit of the Liturgy, Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger writes that “cult,” from which our words worship and culture both spring, “goes beyond the action of the liturgy. Ultimately, it embraces the ordering of the whole of human life.” . . .

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The Sacraments as Actions of the Mystical Body

David W. Fagerberg

“By the light which pours out of the doors of the temple to flood the world in transfiguring light, the members of the mystical body see the cosmos theologically, as sacramental gift from God and raw material for eucharist.”

Apostolicity and Eucharist

Oliver Treanor

“Christ’s . . . being-handed-down is part of his being-handed-over: it consummates the Father’s donation of his Son to all people and completes the Son’s cooperation in the giving of himself for all time.”

Trinity Spermatiké: The Veiled Perception of a Pagan World (Part 1)

Giorgio Buccellati

“The Trinity is inevitably present in seed form wherever God is sensed.”

“The Christian Mystery is the Mystery of Creation”: An Introduction to Jean Daniélou

Jonah Lynch

“[Daniélou] does not want to dissolve every enigma in a grandiose synthesis: rather, he is attracted by the dynamic character of an unceasing relationship with God.”

The Presence of God

Jean Daniélou

“Through man the silent litany of things becomes an explicit act of worship.”

Christian Culture

Virgil Michel

“Catholic culture, if true to its inheritance, would include the sound concepts and traditions of all times, the best developments of human progress of all ages, and that in all the fields of human interest and endeavor.”

The Art of the Second Virtue: On the Unity of Freedom and Obedience in Translation

Adrian J. Walker