Winter 1984

Sin and Forgiveness (photocopy)

Introduction: Sin and Forgiveness

Marguerite Léna introduces the first of three articles in this issue on the theme of sin and forgiveness with a beautifully sensitive treatment of the place of the sense of forgiveness in education . . .

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Education in the Sense of Forgiveness

Marguerite Léna

"Education in the sense of forgiveness is essential to all education, both on the interpersonal and global socio-cultural levels, in order that we may transmit our heritage of meanings and values from one generation to the next."

Jesus and Forgiveness

Hans Urs von Balthasar

"Jesus does not stand opposite sinners as some stranger, as one who is innocent, but in solidarity with sinners he bears (away) the sin of the world."

Flannery O’Connor and the Christian Pharisee

Stephen Maddux

"The revelation of God's true nature—of the unexpected gulf of his creating, protecting, forgiving, and purifying love—alters utterly the soul's vision of itself and others as well."

Faith, Philosophy and Theology

Joseph Ratzinger Benedict XVI

"Faith does not destroy philosophy but defends it, and only when doing so is theology true to itself."

The Catholic Concept of Social Justice: A Historical Perspective

Brian Benestad

"A recovery of the fuller Thomistic/papal understanding of social justice would enable one to show the connection between the practice of virtue and the quest for justice."

Nuclear Weapons and the Sermon on the Mount

Manfred Spieker

"As the pastoral writings of the Catholic Bishops' Conferences throughout the world demonstrate, under current conditions of the nuclear arms race and totalitarian ideology and politics, the dilemmas of securing peace are a heavy burden for all theoretical and practical efforts."