Summer 2018

Priesthood, Consecration, Marriage: Is Love Possible? A Symposium Discerning the Signs of the Times

The Contribution of St. John Paul II to the Integral Human Formation of Priests

Carter Griffin

“By his naturalness, a priest presents to others, with as little interference as possible, the humble face of Christ.”

Educating to Love

Jeanne H. Schindler

“[T]he current crisis in the Church is significantly an intellectual problem, a problem, that is, of ideas—the solution to which is education, a deep and broad education.”

Marriage, Priesthood, and the Sincere Gift of Self

Nicholas J. Healy Jr.

“In and through the sacraments of the Church, God allows us to participate in his love. We learn to love what he loves and to love in the way that he loves.”

Letter to Fr. Bieil: The Discernment of a Philosophical Vocation

Maurice Blondel

“I am not good at interpreting these interior conflicts, and I fear being exposed to all kinds of illusions about myself.”