Spring 2018

“Forgive Us Our Debts, As We Forgive Our Debtors”

Those Dear Words, Debt and Debtors: Biblical Journeys

Philippe Lefebvre

“The opposite of a world subjugated by debt is filial life.”

Forgive Us Our Debts as We Forgive Our Debtors

Roch Kereszty

“This, then, is the great privilege of Christians: they are called to share in the all-forgiving mercy of the Father.”

Catholic Penance

Paul Scalia

“The proper understanding and celebration of the sacrament requires an appreciation of its organic unity . . . that comprehensive whole of metanoia.”

Sacrifice and Freedom: On Mystagogy and the Way of Atonement

Aaron Riches

“The anxiety of the finite ‘broken spirit’ is the anxiety of a lover who knows that what he most longs for yet hangs in the balance of his freedom, in his ‘yes.’”

The Purification of Memory

Anton Strukelj

“The request for pardon is an important sign for the New Evangelization, which is always reconciliation with God and among human beings.”

The Mystery of Beauty: The Immaculate Conception as the Most Sublime Redemption

Antonio López

“To participate in God is also to participate in the Son’s taking flesh through his filial relation with Mary.”

Literature in the Waste Land: Brideshead Revisited and Literary Education

R.V. Young

“The deliquescence of the concept of literature has a devastating effect on education and on the health of our culture as a whole, because it renders nugatory the concept of the integrity of a work of literature as a thing in itself with at least intentional being.”

Gift and Mediation at the Heart of Poetry

Dwight A. Lindley III

“The poetic image reproduces part of the object, but also stretches beyond its bounds to include something of the object’s recipient, thereby illuminating the object.”

Grace and Vocation without Remorse: Comments on the Treatise De Iudaeis

Benedict XVI

“The covenant between God and Israel is indestructible because of the continuity of God’s election. But at the same time, it is codetermined by the whole drama of human error. . . . [The] journey of God with his people finally finds its summary and final figure in the Last Supper of Jesus Christ, which anticipates and carries within itself the Cross and Resurrection.”

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The Lord’s Prayer: Sermon 5

Gregory of Nyssa

“[T]he words that are suited to Adam’s penance are rightly applied to all who have died with him, so that after we have been granted the remission of our sins we may again be saved by the Lord through grace.”