Fall 1974

On Marriage (photocopy)

Indissolubility of Marriage and Pastoral Care of the Divorced Who Remarry

Karl Lehmann

"Only on the basis of Jesus' original precept can something that ought not to be, be 'regulated.'"

Needed: A Theology of Marriage

Paul F. Palmre

"Christian marriage is a graced covenant of love and fidelity between two baptized believers."

Divorce and Remarriage

Val J. Peter

"Despite criticism, two recent studies are helpful and responsible efforts to aid the Christian community."

Triangular Marriage

Joseph E. Kerns

"Marriage is a triangle, an interaction between a self, a beloved, and God."

Divorce and Remarriage in the Contemporary United States

Virginia Heffernan

"Our culture has been evolving toward an institutionalization of serial polygamy."

The Irrevocable Decision: Thoughts on the Theology of Vocation

Klaus Demmer

"Only one ready for creative renunciation is able to make irrevocable commitments and confer consistency on his life."