Summer 1974

On the Holy Spirit (photocopy)

Discernment of Spirits in the New Testament

John H. Wright

"Today's uncertainties impose on us with special urgency the task of seeking to know the will of God."

The Holy Spirit as Interpreter According to St. John’s Gospel

Heinrich Schlier

"Human existence is in need of special interpretation if it is to be truly understood."

The Pneumatological Dimension of the Church

J. D. Zizioulas

"The synthesis of Christology and pneumatology is necessary for a proper understanding of the Church."

Some Charismatic Reforms in Western History

Ernest B. Koenker

"It is no easy matter to unite a valid charismatic conception of the Church with hierarchical structure."

Reflections on the Phenomenology of Sin

Clifford G. Kossel

"Hebrew and Greek symbols of evil, according to Paul Ricoeur, are 'prowling about' in our consciousness."