Winter 1974

On Christology (photocopy)

The Identity of Jesus in Mark

Ernest R. Martinez

"Only in the Resurrection event, according to Mark, can we come truly to recognize who Jesus is."

In What Way is Jesus Christ Unique?

Klaus Reinhardt

"In the new Christology Jesus appears as the unique culmination of the general Creator-creature relationship."

The Mind of Jesus

Frederick E. Crowe

"Jesus is different: We have to face that and take account of it."

Reflections on the Foundations of Christology

Roch Kereszty

"The ontology of the Incarnation and the Trinity cannot be divorced from the mystery of God's love."

Authenticity and Inauthenticity in Modern Religious Art

Nancy Snooks

"Our age has produced much art with religious subject matter but little bearing the imprint of faith in God."

The Image of Christ in Modern Art

Maurice B. McNamee

"One finds a mannered exploration of the person and purpose of Christ in Rouault, Dali, and Chagall."

The Christ of Fiction