Spring 2021


Conceived by the Power of the Holy Spirit: On the Son and Holy Spirit’s Coworking of the Incarnation

Antonio López

“This reciprocal working of Son and Spirit through each other in fulfillment of the Father’s sending is the way in which the triune God concretely opens himself up to Mary and, even more astonishingly, with Mary, so that through her the human being may finally be what he was created to be.”

Arriving at Mediation through Maternity: Understanding “Maternal Mediation” in John Paul II

Carly Henderson

“[W]e are not only made in communion; we are also made to share that communion, to participate within it in freedom. For the human person, then, mediation is the task to share that communion with others in freedom through self-giving love.”

With the Eyes of an Eagle: Symbolism and the Proclamation of Faith in the Fourth Gospel

Paolo Prosperi

“In love, the one who is not disposed to shed blood cannot drink the wine of true joy.”

Charles Péguy, Poet of the Incarnation

Albert Béguin

“[T]he blood that runs in the veins of men, the blood they shed for ‘the earthly cities,’ is the same blood that flows in the veins of the Babe in the Manger, the same that was poured out on the Cross.”