Fall 2020

Love as a Form of Life

Martha and Mary: The Double Hospitality

Jean-Louis Chrétien

“Hospitality, the reception of another, presides over all, and the diversity of vocations is nothing else than the diversity of modes of hospitality rendered to God and to neighbor, who is his icon.”

Without Beginning: Human Freedom and Divine Omnipotence

Antonio López

“Only because the primal ground of the mystery of God is an eternal gratuity—an unfathomable unity of being and letting-be—can there be something that is not God that is still good for it to be.”

Et verbum caro factum est: An Intro-duction to the Philosophical Life

Andrew J. Jaeger

“[W]onder—the essence of the philosophical life—is a grace: a gift from another.”

Denis Farkasfalvy on the Theology of the Bible

Roch Kereszty

“The word of God in the full sense of the term is not the written word in itself, but its actualization in its listeners or readers who receive the grace to participate in the eternal and uninterrupted speech of God.”

Why We Need Julian of Norwich

Jeremiah Barker

“The act of yielding up his ‘Adamly’ soul is the human realization of the Son’s eternally eager readiness to do that which the Father wills.”

Catechesis in the Patristic Tradition

Jean Daniélou

“[C]atechesis is not only instruction but also an initiation into Christian mores and an incorporation into the ecclesial community.”

Forgetting the Social Doctrine of the Church in the Epoch of the Coronavirus

Stefano Fontana