Winter 2023

In Memoriam: Benedict XVI, David L. Schindler, Roch Kereszty

Joseph Ratzinger on Democracy within the Church

Tracey Rowland

“Only a belief in a truth that transcends all forms of tribalism and herd mentality can be a sufficient foil to totalitarian ideologies and practices.”

Transforming the World into Communion with God: Sacred Liturgy in the Thought of Joseph Ratzinger

Uwe Michael Lang

“[E]cclesial and sacramental communio is not just something that can be created by a particular community, assembled at a particular place and at a particular time, but it is the gift of a greater reality Christ entrusted to the universal Church.”

Regensburg Revisited: Faith, Culture, and Mission in the Theology of Joseph Ratzinger

Hugh O'Donnell

“[T]he principle that allows cultures to remain open to exchange with other cultures is the degree to which they are open to the truth.”

“America! America! May God Thy Gold Refine”: David L. Schindler’s Praise for the United States

Reuben Slife

“For a Christian, it is only in trans-forming that one inherits properly, because each thing—even our suffering under mechanistic meaninglessness—becomes itself only in receiving the form of Christ.”

Going to the Heart: An Interview

David L. Schindler

“[T]he greatest threat to academic freedom today comes from within and not outside the university: it comes from the theological-ontological blindness of the modern disciplines themselves.”

St. Bernard’s School of Spirituality

Roch Kereszty

“Only God can teach the soul the love of God, and he does it by pouring into the soul his own love so that the soul may love with the very love of God.”