Spring 2013

“Your Reasonable Worship”: Catholic Communion as the True Life According to Reason

Adrian J. Walker

Grant’s account of technology as an ontological “package deal” helps us understand why we—committed Catholic intellectuals—have such difficulty actually convincing any modern non-believers that Catholicism is true. For, Grant suggests, we may (think we) think as Christians explicitly, but implicitly we largely think as technologists. The problem with what we say has its root in a problem with the logos of the Lebensform in which we say it.

Put another way, general reflections about the relationship between faith and reason, or academic engagements with this or that modern thinker, will lack any real power to convince (even ourselves) if they do not emanate from, and bear witness to, and become part of, the radiant integrity of a form of life that turns what we do with and in our bodies, in our immediate neighborhood, into a living proof that, in Christ, “all things stand together in being” (Col 1:17).

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