Christ the Redeemer

Qualcosa di Dio: The Metaphysics of Desire and Paradox of the Real

Aaron Riches

Spirito e libertà1 was published in 1980 by the Milanese publisher Jaca Book. A revised text of two of the most controversial sections of Surnaturel,2 the book was Henri de Lubac’s third reflection on his masterwork to be taken alongside les deux jumeaux of 1965: Augustinisme et théologie3 moderne and Le mystère du surnaturel.4 The 1980 volume, as an act of self-reflection, is luminous for the audacity of what de Lubac lets stand. Without so much as a hint of self-conscious second-guessing or anxious dialing-down of his 1946 thesis, de Lubac repeats: the desire of the human heart is already “something of God.”5


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