Winter 2011

Toward a Human Ecology: Person, Life, Nature

Introduction: Towards a Human Ecology: Person, Life, Nature

The theme of the Winter, 2011 issue of Communio is: “Toward a Human Ecology: Person, Life, Nature.” In his encyclical letter Caritas in veritate, and in subsequent writings, Pope Benedict XVI has called for the development of a “human ecology” grounded in the idea of creation as gift.. . .

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A Deeper Ecology: A Catholic Vision of the Person in Nature

Mary Taylor

"What is needed . . . is a 'catholic' ecology . . . : the recognition of a common desire for beauty and meaning, . . . and the apprehension that the participation of others is necessary for a common good that is deeper that the co-incidence of our private goods or our ideology."

"The Proper Weight of Love": What Can We Learn From John Paul II's The Jeweler's Shop?

Peter Casarella

"The rhapsodic drama awakens both individual and social conscience. It offers an invitation to participate in communion with a beloved as seen in and through one's solitary relationship with the Infinite."

"Original Wholeness": (Living) Nature Between God and Technê

Adrian J. Walker

"God, in the very act of communicating himself, produces matter as the receiver of his gift and, at the same time, lets matter originally co-produce the gift it receives."