Fall 2021

God and the Crisis of Meaning

The Almighty Father—Put to the Test of the Problem of Evil

Jean-Pierre Batut

“[T]he Father is that much more almighty over the world and its history because his power can go into effect within this world, which can take place only by enlisting created freedoms.”

“It Neither Picks My Pocket nor Breaks My Leg”: Rationalist Faith, Private Conscience

Kenneth R. Craycraft Jr.

“The ironic result of separating conscience from acts is that government assumes absolute control over conscience even while claiming to protect it from its own reach.”

Liberalism, the Church, and the Unreality of God

Larry Chapp

“Christians lack the heroism of the child as put forward by ‘The Little Flower,’ which alone can save the world, and settle instead for moral casuistry, doctrinal pettifoggery, and worldly political alliances that neuter this heroism and render the Gospel they preach literally in-credible.”

A Philosophy of God in Man: Maurice Blondel’s Retrieval of Meaning through Fruitful Action

Caitlin W. Jolly

“All human action is, radically speaking, an ‘undergoing’ of divine creative action, and it is in ratifying this truth that the creature appropriates the very act that creates him, thus becoming an analogously creative cause.”

Thinking God through the Unity of Life and Thought: How De Grammatico Clarifies the Proslogion

John Bayer

“If I do not believe there is something magnetizing my reason, along with every other human faculty, then I simply cannot search for what Anselm calls Deus, for who can search for what he cannot even identify?”