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Zouk Mikayel

Contact: Dr. Edward Alam

2015 Update:

After a period of five years, the Study Circle in Lebanon was revived and the members have been meeting consistently since October. A diverse group of Notre Dame University-Louaize graduate students and professors of philosophy, psychology, political science, and religious studies, along with non-NDU members, including a Shiite doctoral candidate and a Ukrainian nun, gather monthly to read and reflect on an English translation of Hans Urs von Balthasar’s Seeing the Form, the first volume of The Glory of The Lord: A Theological Aesthetics.

Leader Dr. Edward Alam tells of their meetings: “Dr. Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous consults the original German text; Sr. Alfonsa Karapata consults the Russian translation; Dr. Jerome Daher uses the Italian version; and Dr. Chady Rahme reads the French translation. Mahmoud Youness takes careful notes in Arabic for what we hope will appear one day as the first Arabic translation of Seeing the Form; his skills as a translator from English into Arabic are well tested and internationally recognized. Having all these translations available makes for very interesting and insightful discussions beginning with the very title itself: The Glory of the Lord is ‘La Gloire de La Croix’ in French and simply ‘Gloria’ in Italian. In Russian the title is ‘The Glory of God’ because when ‘Lord’ is used in Russian, it always refers to Christ. Since most of the Circle members are native Arabic speakers, some who know English and French well along with two who know German well, all eight participants offer valuable insights to Mr. Youness for the Arabic translation.”

In the spring of 2016, the Circle will begin the third part of the introduction to the first volume. Dr. Alam observes, “At this rate, we should finish the entire trilogy in 2025!”