Study Circles


Diocese of Hamilton

Contact: Rev. Mark Morley

2019 Update:

Over the course of 2019, the Circle of the Diocese of Hamilton has continued to meet regularly on the second Friday of the month at St. Michael’s Church in Waterloo, Ontario. They are pleased to have students join them from the University of Waterloo and the University of Guelph.

During the summer they hosted complementary study days on Augustine and Aquinas with the theme “Friends Across the Ages.” For the study day on Augustine, held at St. Jerome’s University, they discussed On the Trinity (bk. 8–15), supplemented by Ratzinger’s “The Holy Spirit as Communio: Concerning the Relationship of Pneumatology and Spirituality in Augustine” (from the Summer 1998 issue of Communio). The study day on Aquinas was held at the Newman Centre Guelph, where they hosted a panel discussion on Josef Pieper’s The Silence of St. Thomas, as well as presentations and discussions on selected texts taken from the Compendium of Theology, the Summa, and the Disputed Questions on the Truth, with a focus on the trinitarian relations, creation, and the soul.

The Circle’s leader, Fr. Mark Morley, shared, “In anticipation of discussing ‘Literature in the Waste Land: Brideshead Revisited and Literary Education’ by R. V. Young (from the Spring 2018 issue of Communio), in September we held a ‘Binging Brideshead’ event at the Newman Centre Guelph, where we watched all eleven episodes of the 1981 BBC television series Brideshead Revisited.”