Study Circles


Favre House
565 Huron Street
Toronto, ON M5R 2R6

Contact: Joseph A. Koczera, S.J.

2015 Update:

The Toronto Study Circle met six times in 2015. Leader Fr. Joseph Koczera reports that “our January meeting focused on continued conversation on an article that had provoked lively discussion at our final meeting in 2014: Hans Urs von Balthasar’s ‘The Fathers, the Scholastics, and Ourselves’ (Summer 1997). We met again in early March to discuss another article by von Balthasar, ‘On the Concept of Person’ (Spring 1986). In May, we met to discuss Stratford Caldecott’s ‘Cosmology, Eschatology, Ecology: Some Reflections on Sollicitudo Rei Socialis’ (Fall 1998). After our usual summer hiatus, we met again in September to discuss ‘Vatican II and the Catholicity of Salvation: A Response to Ralph Martin’ by Nicholas J. Healy Jr. (Spring 2015). Turning to questions related to the 2015 Synod of Bishops on the Family, in October we met to discuss the editors’ statement ‘Faith and the Sacrament of Marriage: A Response to the Proposal of a New “Minimum Fidei” Requirement’ (Summer 2015). Our final meeting of 2015 was devoted to discussion of ‘The Saving Difference’ by Adrian J. Walker and Rachel M. Coleman (Summer 2015).”