Study Circles

St. John, New Brunswick

Contact: John Roderick

2015 Update:

Over the past few years, some members of the Saint John Study Circle have spread to various peripheries around the world. Leader John Roderick is now in Santiago, Chile as a missionary and, having completed seminary studies in Rome, will be ordained to the priesthood in June. Other members have moved to Ottawa, the capital of New Brunswick, as well as southern China and South Korea. The sharing of readings and themes now happens predominantly through forms of digital communication, with the help of email and Skype. Meetings are also held in Saint John during the summer months when those abroad return to visit family and friends. Rev. Mr. Roderick reports, “Many of the participants of the group are involved in education and medicine, and often the discussion returns to themes relevant to theological anthropology, and more recently to themes relevant to the Synod of Bishops on the Family.”