Study Circles


Houston, TX

Contact: Peter Trahan

2017 Update:

In 2017, the Houston Study Circle renewed its meeting after a long period of inactivity. During an initial organizational meeting, two primary points were agreed on: 1) that the focus would be on the authors and editors (past and present) of Communio, complimented by Church documents and encyclicals; and 2) they would begin by reading and discussing an essay by Hans Urs von Balthasar from the first edition of the journal: “Communio: A Program” (Spring 1972).
Leader Deacon Peter Trahan explains that “this second point was to establish within the group an understanding of the concept of communio theology so that going forward we could grow in our various roles and ministries within the Church from this foundation. We then followed this foundational essay with two seminal articles that, although separated in time, the three together form a Communio trilogy: ‘On Reason’s Authority’ by D.C. Schindler (Spring 2014) and ‘Vides Trinitatem Si Caritatem Vides: Persons in Communion’ by Antonio López (Fall 2015.) Our next text will be ‘The New Evangelization’ by Joseph Ratzinger (Summer 2017), This address, I feel, is distinctly in continuity with communio theology’s theme of communion and mission which encourages an active theology from prayer.”