Study Circles


Houston, TX

Contact: Peter Trahan

2015 Update:

During its meetings in 2015, the Houston Study Circle renewed its dedication “to growing in understanding as we address the many challenges that confront us in this day and age,” writes leader James Bjacek. To this end, the Circle examined an overarching theme: how theology and reason intersect. Additional themes were also explored, ranging from Stratford Caldecott’s “The Light of Glory: From Theosis to Sophiology” on reconciling Eastern and Western Christianity based on understanding the concept of Sophia (Summer 2015), to a discussion on David L. Schindler’s “‘In the Beginning Was the Word’: Mercy as a ‘Reality Illuminated by Reason’” (Winter 2014). Mr. Bjacek notes that the Circle found that “Schindler’s piece was very approachable, but Caldecott’s article was a bit more challenging.”