Study Circles

Grand Rapids

Contact: Conor Dugan

2017 Update:

The Study Circle in Grand Rapids met twice in 2017. In July, Communio editor in chief Dr. David L. Schindler was a guest and spoke on his article “On Trivializing the Lives of ‘Ordinary People’ in Liberal Societies” (Spring 2017) to a group of about 25 people. Leader Conor Dugan notes, “It really was a special evening for our group and people were very grateful.”
In December, a smaller group discussed Pope Benedict’s famous Regensburg lecture. The members look forward to continuing in the new year, with meetings planned for late spring and then in June and August. A future topic of discussion will probably be D. C. Schindler’s “Love and Beauty, the ‘Forgotten Transcendental,’ in Thomas Aquinas” (Summer 2017).