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Contact: Anthony Schmitz

2020 update:

In the 2019 edition of the Communiqué Deacon Tony Schmitz, the Circle leader, had reported that they had been working through Balthasar’s The Glory of the Lord (vols. 2 and 3), chapter by chapter, and that they had been looking forward to then-upcoming discussions on Lay Styles (vol. 3), especially on Dante and St. John of the Cross.

During 2020, they enjoyed these discussions and progressed to a lively conversation on Pascal led by a resident professor of mental health and strong champion of Pascal. As they prepared for the next discussion on Balthasar’s analysis of J. G. Hamann, led by a resident professor of Christian ethics, their plans were thwarted by the first Scottish lockdown.

Deacon Schmitz shared, “Since most of us are suffering from Zoom fatigue, we were waiting for the pandemic to subside before resuming physical encounters. Alas, we have just been sent into our second and even more serious lockdown, so Hamann will have to wait.”