Spring 2002

The Mysteries of the Life of Jesus (photocopy)

Liturgy as the Presence of the Mysteries According to Odo Casel

Arno Schilson

The Mysteries of Jesus’ Public Life: Stages on the Way to the Cross

Martin Bieler

Martyrdom and Truth: From Ignatius of Antioch to the Monks of Tibhirine

Ysabel de Andia

Truth in Fides et Ratio: Aristotelian Reflections and Recommendations

Kurt Pritzl

Antiphonality: Notes Towards a Theology of Liturgical Form

Ian Coleman

Pluralism and Interreligious Dialogue: Reply to Roch Kereszty

David Novak

Is Patristic Exegesis Still Usable? Reflections on the Early Christian Interpretation of the Psalms

Brian E. Daley