Fall 2015

Poverty and Kenosis

Vides Trinitatem Si Caritatem Vides: Persons in Communion

Antonio López

Christ’s revelation of God’s triune love shows how seriously God takes his creatures’ thirst for unity.

Love: Philosophy’s Blind Spot? Toward a Wisdom of Love

Emmanuel Tourpe

The first of all philosophies, even before the thinking of being as being, is the philosophy of love.

Most High Poverty: The Challenge of the Franciscan Experiment

Olivier Boulnois

Franciscan poverty became the starting point for a mendicant order unlike any monastic order that had previously existed.

Messianic Jews and the Catholic Church: Reflections on the Ecclesiology of Mark S. Kinzer

Roch Kereszty

If the Church were to reject Israel, she would be guilty of rejecting her own mother.

Searching Her Own Mystery Together: A Response to Roch Kereszty

Mark S. Kinzer

The Church is the continuation of Israel, and the eschatological change Israel experiences in the process is a renewal rather than a termination of its covenant-identity.

Rejoinder to Mark S. Kinzer

Roch Kereszty

The Torah of the New Testament is the very person of Christ whom we can follow only by the power of the Holy Spirit.