Summer 2008


Introduction: Hope

Inspired by Pope Benedict XVI’s recent encyclical, Spe salvi, the Summer, 2008 issue of Communio is dedicated to the theme of “Hope.” . . .

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Variations on the Theme of Christian Hope in the Work of Joseph Ratzinger-Benedict XVI

Tracey Rowland

“It is the element of creative freedom within human nature that is so vulnerable to damage from a secularist culture. The severance of the links between notions of God, human nature, ethos, and religion, and the emergence of counterfeit notions of faith, hope, and love, set limits on the intellectual horizons of people.”

Action: The Epiphany of an Ever-Greater Love

Livio Melina

“Hope is therefore not purely waiting for a future intervention by God that is yet to take place, but rather it is a trusting expectancy and the active cooperation of one’s freedom with a gift already initially given and straining towards its fulfillment.”

Toward the Renewal of Theology and Theologians

Roch Kereszty

“The individual theologian’s subjectivity needs to be stretched wide open so as to be able to participate in the subjectivity of the Church.”

Divine Goodness! Notes on the Goodness of the Father According to Origen

Jean-Pierre Batut

“It is easy to see the at once untimely and salutary character of a thought like Origen’s for our age, tempted as it is to deny God any right to intervene in the destiny of the world. But who does not see that a God prohibited from dwelling in the world and history loses, by this very fact, any interest for us?”