Winter 1975

Apologetics Today (photocopy)

An Apologetic of Liberation and Fulfillment

Patrick J. Burns

"Appropriate to Christian apologetics is the stance of the committed Christian within the community of believers."

How Can Christian Faith Be Justified Today?

Avery Dulles

"We are liberated from agnosticism and relativism to the degree the Lordship of Jesus asserts itself in our lives."

G.K. Chesterton’s Case for Christianity

Thomas N. Hart

"Alternate philosophies of life, in contrast to Christianity, introduce one into the prison of a single idea."

The Problem of Belief in America

Francis J. Canavan

"As the late John Courtney Murray once remarked, modern man has a 'horror of the absolute.'"

The Meaning and Importance of Orthodoxy

John H. Wright

"Truth is an indispensable factor in the genuineness of inter-personal relationship."

Clio and Aggiornamento: The Misuses of History

Marvin R. O'Connell

"Revision is the order of the day; the cause is not new evidence but a new estimate Catholics have of themselves."