1973 (photocopy)

Sensuousness and Rationality: Towards a Definition of the Baroque in the History of Civilization

Walter Brandmüller

The Holy Spirit as Interpreter According to St. John’s Gospel

Heinrich Schlier

"Human existence is in need of special interpretation if it is to be truly understood."

Crucifixus etiam pro nobis: An Historical Note on the Crucifixion

Vogt Vogt

In What Way is Jesus Christ Unique?

Klaus Reinhardt

"In the new Christology Jesus appears as the unique culmination of the general Creator-creature relationship."

Hirscher and Baumstark: Political Problems of Catholic Reformers

Walter Ferber

Suitable and Unsuitable: Critical Remarks on the Provisional German Text of the New Order of Mass

Disagreement on the Ecumenical Recognition of Church Ministries

Karl Lehmann