The Mysteries of the Life of Jesus

In 2001 the international editorial board of Communio began an ongoing series on the mysteries of the life of Jesus. Each edition dedicates the first issue of the year to this theme.

Liturgy as the Presence of the Mysteries According to Odo Casel

Arno Schilson

The Mysteries of Jesus’ Public Life: Stages on the Way to the Cross

Martin Bieler

The Ordinary Made Extraordinary: The Hidden Life of Jesus Through the Lens of the Lucan Infancy Narratives

Bruno Maggioni

‘Thou art my beloved Son’: The Baptism of Jesus as a Trinitarian Event

Richard Malone

Alexander Schmemann on the Divine Liturgy as an Epiphany of the Kingdom: A Liturgical Apriori

Robert Slesinski

To See Where God Dwells: The Tabernacle, the Temple, and the Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition

Gary A. Anderson

“We cannot see God face to face, but he has graciously consented to let us see where he dwells.”

Learning to Live the Theological Virtues in Christ’s Passion, Ascension, and Pentecost

Jean-Pierre Batut

The End of History: The Parousia of Christ as Cosmic Liturgy

Luis Granados

“On the way to the Parousia, the action of Jesus Christ expands to the whole living body of the Church and, through his action, to the body of the world.”

The Theological and Mystical Significance of the Transfiguration According to the Church Fathers

Michael Figura