Study Circles

Santa Paula

Contact: David Quackenbush

2015 Update:

In 2015, a new Study Circle formed in Santa Paula, comprised of tutors and students of Thomas Aquinas College, seminarians and professors of St. John’s Seminary, and interested residents of the nearby community. Members met on five occasions for spirited and productive discussions. Over three meetings in the summer, the Circle considered David L. Schindler’s “‘In the Beginning was the Word’: Mercy as a ‘Reality Illuminated by Reason’” (Winter 2014), Roch Kereszty’s “The Unity of the Church” (Winter 2014), and three articles from the Spring 2013 issue, namely Adrian J. Walker’s “‘Your Reasonable Worship’: Catholic Communion as the True Life According to Reason,” Jean-Luc Marion’s “The Universality of the University,” and D. C. Schindler’s “On the Universality of the University: A Response to Jean-Luc Marion.” In September, attention was focused on several Spring 2015 articles, including Jan-Heiner Tück’s “‘The Father Without the Son Would Not Be the Father’: The Concept of God at the Council of Nicaea,” Carol Zaleski’s “‘Further Up and Further In!’: C. S. Lewis on Heaven,” and Nicholas J. Healy Jr.’s “Vatican II and the Catholicity of Salvation: A Response to Ralph Martin.” During the final meeting of the year, the entire Summer 2014 issue, “Marriage: Theological and Pastoral Considerations,” was considered.