Study Circles


Father Flanagan's Boys' Home
Omaha, NE 68010

Contact: Fr. Val J. Peter

2015 Update:

The Study Circle of Omaha continues to meet monthly at the Sisters of Mercy Villa with Father Val Peter as leader, whose own experience includes meeting with the original Study Circle once a year under the guidance of Father von Balthasar. He recalls how “our Circle is characterized by lively, sometimes strident, conversations among the participants. The discussion on Adrian J. Walker’s ‘Conscience, the Emperor, and the Pope: The Witness of St. Maximus the Confessor’ (Winter 2014) was particularly lively. Maximus saw conscience as a trace of the Eternal Word. Even Cardinal Ratzinger would frequently like to remind people that conscience is a kind of Christian memory.”

The Circle also spent two long sessions on “The Integrity of Moral Deliberation” by David Crawford and Stephan Kampowski (Summer 2015) as well as John Paul II’s “A Meditation on Givenness” (Winter 2014).